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U.S.-EU Cooperation Against Terrorism – CRS Report

May 30th, 2012 foreign courts

A May 21, 2012 report from the Congressional Research Service entitled U.S.-EU Cooperation Against Terrorism is now available on this site and from Federation of American Scientists at this link.  The table of contents includes:

Background on European Union Efforts Against Terrorism

U.S.-EU Counterterrorism Cooperation: Progress to Date and Ongoing Challenges

Developing U.S.-EU Links
New Law Enforcement and Intelligence Cooperation Agreements
Tracking and Suppressing Terrorist Financing
Promoting Information-Sharing and Protecting Data Privacy

The U.S.-EU SWIFT Accord
Passenger Name Record (PNR) Data
U.S.-EU Framework Agreement on Data Protection

Strengthening Border Controls and Transport Security

Aviation and Air Cargo Security
Maritime Cargo Screening
Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

Detainee Issues and Civil Liberties

U.S. Perspectives and Issues for Congress

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