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USS Cole lawyer wants trial televised –

According to the UPI on June 9, 2012 at 1:04 PM, “Defense lawyers have asked that the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, trial of the alleged mastermind of the USS Cole bombing in 2000 be televised in the United States.” This strikes me as a stunningly irresponsible request which makes the lawyers appear to be tools of al Qaeda rather than defenders of rights.  It is hard to imagine how the defendants -– or career-minded lawyers, for that matter – could resist using a live, world-wide broadcast to spread their own message.

Perhaps worse, some attorney reportedly taunted: “If we really believe this system is so fair and is upholding American ideals, why should we try and hide it?"  That is misleading and just plain insulting.  Presumably the lawyer knows that the United States Supreme Court, the Courts of Appeals, and the District Courts are not televised.  Is he really suggesting that we are hiding the entire federal court system and that we must, therefore, not believe that it is fair and upholds American ideals?

Please note that: “Arrangements have already been made to provide live video to viewing rooms in Norfolk, Va., and Fort Meade, Md. Those rooms are restricted to the media and the families of the Cole crew.” How can anyone reasonably argue that providing a live video feed to the media is “trying to hide it?”

The report certainly suggests that the defense attorneys, at least, are bent upon turning the trial into a spectacle worthy of RINGLING BROS. AND BARNUM & BAILEY®, although I would hate to impute the attorney’s motives to their client.  There is no reason that competent attorneys can not zealously defend their clients while keeping a civil tongue in their heads.  “Why should we try to hide it,” indeed?  The question assumes a counterfactual.  No one is trying to hide the proceeding.  The defense attorneys will be there.  The defendant will be there.  The court reporter will be there.  It will be broadcast live to the media and to family members of the victims.  No doubt, that broadcasting will result in a recording, the audio of portion of which could be released later (like the Supreme Court does) or all of it (as with Nuremburg and other famous international tribunals).  The defense attorney is trying to convince people that there is some hiding going on, which obviously there is not, and to argue from that false premise that this non-existent hiding is evidence of a guilty government conscience. He should rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities for hundreds of millions of people to see and hear his performance, learn his name, and judge for themselves whether or not his representation actually is designed to protect the rights and privileges granted to his client.

USS Cole lawyer wants trial televised –

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