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Abdullah al-Kidd, Held After 9/11, Wins Right to Be Tried –

The New York Times and the Associated Press (here via The Spokesman-Review of Spokane) reported on September 28, 2012, that the federal District Court in Idaho accepted the recommendation of the Magistrate Judge to find that the Bivens suit by Abdullah al-Kidd may proceed to trial against certain defendants.  You may recall that the United States Supreme Court reversed and remanded this case in 2010, holding “that an objectively reasonable arrest and detention of a material witness pursuant to a validly obtained warrant cannot be challenged as unconstitutional on the basis of allegations that the arresting authority had an improper motive.”  That precluded liability for the attorney general.

This case is almost a decade old and has had its own category on this blog for two years.  It is of particular interest to students studying Counterterrorism Law or Prosecuting Terrorists because of its use of the Material Witness Statute, 18 U.S.C. 3144.

Abdullah al-Kidd, Held After 9/11, Wins Right to Be Tried –

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