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Drone Downed in Israeli Airspace

Oct 8th, 2012 targetted killing

USA Today reported that, on Saturday, a drone crossed into Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea, marking the first time a hostile aircraft entered the airspace in six years. According to USA Today, Israeli fighter jets shot down the drone over the southern desert. The article states:

Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich said Israeli ground systems detected the drone, which flew over the Gaza Strip but did not originate there, Saturday morning and alerted the air force, which scrambled the jets to intercept the aircraft. She said Israel was still trying to determine where the drone took off from. Nobody was hurt in the incident.

The USA Today article goes on to state that, while it is not clear where the drone originated, there is suspicion that Hezbollah is responsible and Israeli officials have raised the possibility of retaliatory action.

Read the full USA Today article, “Israel Jets Down Drone that Entered Airspace,” including footage of the downed drone here.


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