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UPDATE: Extradited Terrorism Suspects Appear in United States Court

Oct 7th, 2012 al-Qaida, Current Affairs

The New York Times recently reported that Hamza al-Masri and four other terrorism suspects were extradited to the United States last Saturday after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that extradition would be permitted and the decision was approved by the High Court of England and Wales.

As the Times states, Hamza al-Masri, Abdel Abdul Bary, and Khaled al-Fawway pled not guilty to charges of murder and conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction in the 1998 bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Kenya. The article goes on to say:

Appearing in Federal District Court in Manhattan, Mr. Masri, 54, who lost both hands and an eye in an explosion, looked considerably thinner and diminished in appearance than in recent photographs. As Magistrate Judge Frank Maas read the 11-count indictment, he remained seated and looked down at court papers a lawyer turned for him.

According to the Times report, Seyla Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmed, the two final defendants, pled not guilty to charges of conspiracy to recruit fighters, raise money, and gather equipment for terrorists on websites hosted out of Connecticut.

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