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Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act Exempts Intelligence Officials

On Monday, The Hill reported that the House of Representatives unanimously passed an Act aimed at heightening protections for federal whistleblowers. The Hill explains that the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act protects federal government employees who report agency misconduct from retaliatory personnel action. The Hill goes on to state that intelligence officials are exempted from these protections under the act.

According to The Hill article, if Title II of the bill, regarding the intelligence community, had not been removed:

[I]t would have set up whistleblower protections for all intelligence officials that are similar to those that exist for FBI employees, and would have set up a process in the executive branch for reviewing whether security clearances were denied or revoked because of what should be protected disclosure of information under the whistleblower laws.

The Washington Post reported that Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) commented on the changes in the following way:

By providing new rights, remedies and protections for government whistleblowers, this bill increases accountability and takes an important step toward curbing waste, fraud and abuse. This bill had included important protections for national security employees. Unfortunately, jurisdictional disputes prompted the deletion of these protections which I deeply regret.

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