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Three Attempted Bombers are Sentenced to Prison

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio sentenced Douglas Wright, Brandon Baxter, and Connor Stevens to eleven and one-half years, nine years and nine months, and eight years and one month, respectively, for conspiring to use explosives to blow up an Ohio bridge, according to a press release. The press release […]

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Russian Arms Dealer Will Not be Returned to Home Country

Reuters recently reported that Russia’s request to extradite Viktor Bout — a convicted arms dealer who was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison by a Manhattan federal court — has been denied by the United States. Bout, the article states, was found guilty of attempting to sell arms to militants targeting U.S. soldiers in Columbia. […]

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Nov 28th, 2012 AIII Courts, Current Affairs

Karzai Accuses U.S. of Violating Detainee Pact

Afghanistan’s President, Hamid Karzai, has accused the United States of violating a detainee pact by failing to turn over more than 70 Afghans who are being held by U.S. forces despite their ordered release by Afghan courts, according to The Washington Times. The Times reports that President Karzai’s statement urges Afghan officials to “push for […]

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Al Qaeda Operative Gets Life Sentence

A Department of Justice (DOJ) press release reports that the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York sentenced Adis Medunjanin to life in prison for his role in multiple federal terrorism offenses, including conspiring to suicide bomb the New York City subway system at the direction of al Qaeda leaders in […]

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USC and Prisoner in Cuba Sues U.S. Government

The New York Times reports that a United States citizen imprisoned in Cuba is suing the U.S. Government. The article states: A United States contractor imprisoned in Cuba after being convicted of crimes against the state has sued the United States government and the company that hired him, blaming them for his imprisonment and for […]

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Nov 25th, 2012 Current Affairs, detention

Attorney Challenges Military Commissions System

The Miami Herald recently reported that a Pentagon defense attorney, Navy Commander Walter Ruiz, invoked a civilian court decision in an effort to get the case against Mustafa al Hawsawi, for which the forum is the military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, dismissed. Al Hawsawi is accused of assisting in the 9/11 attacks, specifically, with making […]

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National Research Council Reveals Vulnerability of U.S. Electric Grid

Foreign Policy reported on a recently released 2007 study by the National Research Council, stating that the study raises concerns about the vulnerability of America’s electric grid to terrorist attack. According to the report, the “physical capabilities of much of the [United States] transmission network have not kept pace with the increasing burden that is […]

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Nov 23rd, 2012 defenses, Terrorism

Federal Government More Involved in Pimentel Investigation Than Previously Known

As previously reported, the charges against Jose Pimentel, a suspected Manhattan terrorist who was indicted earlier this year, carry a possible life sentence. A New York Times article, however, recently reported that newly revealed information suggests the federal government, specifically the F.B.I., was involved in the investigation of Pimentel to a greater degree than previously […]

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Second Circuit Affirms Aafia Siddiqui’s Conviction

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has affirmed the conviction of Aafia Siddiqui for the attempted murder of United States nationals, officers, and employees; the armed assault of U.S. officers and employees; the assault of U.S. officers and employees; and, the use of a firearm during a crime of violence. Among […]

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Nov 22nd, 2012 AIII Courts, Current Affairs

Social media snags 4 U.S. residents allegedly supporting Taliban

“Social media snags 4 U.S. residents allegedly supporting Taliban,” headlines CNN.  “FBI: 4 Calif. men charged in alleged terror plot,” reporters Reuters.  Here is the Los Angeles Field Office of the FBI puts it: Four Men Charged for Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Terrorism FBI Los Angeles November 19, 2012 RIVERSIDE COUNTY—Four men have […]

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