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Attorney Challenges Military Commissions System

The Miami Herald recently reported that a Pentagon defense attorney, Navy Commander Walter Ruiz, invoked a civilian court decision in an effort to get the case against Mustafa al Hawsawi, for which the forum is the military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, dismissed.

Al Hawsawi is accused of assisting in the 9/11 attacks, specifically, with making financial and travel arrangements to the United States. The Miami Herald goes on to state:

The filing, still under seal at the Pentagon’s war court, is the first known challenge to the military commissions system since a civilian court on Oct. 16 tossed out the 2008 conviction of Osama bin Laden’s driver in a ruling that disqualified material support for terrorism as a retroactive war crime.


You can read the full Miami Herald article here.

You can read the Attorney General’s press release announcing the choice of forum here.

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