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Former Bin Laden Aide Requests Hasty Sentencing

Jamal Ahmed al Fadl, former aide to Osama bin Laden and crucial U.S. Government (USG) witness in the case concerning the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, has asked to be sentenced for his al Qaeda affiliation without further delay, The New York Times reports.

Al Fadl has proclaimed he fears for his children’s safety if they are deported to Sudan as the principle reason for the need for a hasty sentencing, although, according to The Times, al Fadl’s attorney failed to explain how his client’s concerns are connected to the timing of the sentencing.

The USG wishes to wait to sentence the defendant until after the trials of at least two other al Qaeda operatives and, as al Fadl’s attorney explains:

The ramifications [of a quickened sentencing] are grave for [al Fadl], because that will undoubtedly breach his cooperation agreement [with the USG].

You can read the full Times article here.

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