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Manning to Speak at Fort Meade Pre-Trial Hearing

Bradley Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst allegedly responsible for the WikiLeaks security breach, is expected to speak publicly for the first time since his arrest two years ago, the Guardian reports.

“Until now we’ve only heard from Bradley through his family and lawyers, so it’s going to be a real insight into his personality to hear him speak for the first time,” said Jeff Patterson of the Bradley Manning support network.

The article reports that the pre-trial Fort Meade hearing at which Manning is expected to be called as a witness will likely last until Sunday.


You can read the full Guardian article here.

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  1. […] Manning is awaiting a court martial for his role in the WikiLeaks security breach whereby approximat… As The Post reports, last month at Fort Meade Manning pleaded guilty to ten charges, although the prosecution is pursuing twenty-two additional charges, including aiding the enemy. […]

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