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Al Qaeda Operatives Out of Kentucky Convicted, Sentenced

CNN reports that Mohanad Shareet Hammadi and Waad Ramadan Alwan, Iraqis who were living in Kentucky, have been convicted and sentenced for their involvement in a plot aiding al Qaeda in Iraq.

In August, Hammadi pleaded guilty to charges that included four counts of aiding al Qaeda in Iraq, according to CNN, and the 31-year old has since been sentenced to forty years in prison.

Similarly, CNN continues, Alwan pleaded guilty in December to charges that included plotting to kill Americans overseas. For these charges, Alwan, 25, received a life sentence.

The charges emerged after an FBI sting operation revealed Hammadi and Alwan’s intentions to provide sniper rifles, C4 plastic explosives, and two Stinger missiles to al Qaeda in Iraq, CNN reports.


You can read the full CNN article here.

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