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A nation apart | The Economist Compares U.S. Response to Terrorism

An Economist editorial from the April 20, 2013, print edition (but appearing on their website on 4/18/13) offers a comparative, internationalist discussion of why the United States is different from some other countries in its reaction to terrorism.  In an observation consistent with what my students learn in National Security Law and in Counterterrorism Law, the editorial observes that: “Seldom was a founding document [the U.S. Constitution] more focused on making it hard for politicians to change the law at times of national panic.”  As our textbook’s authors point out, the U.S. government is one of separate institutions with shared powers, rather than one based upon separation of powers.  For this reason and for others, The Economist concludes that: “In America, for good and ill, horrors are an unreliable way to force change.”

Lexington: A nation apart | The Economist

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