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DOD to Gain Exclusive Control of U.S. Drone Program

Apr 12th, 2013 Current Affairs

Senior U.S. government officials reportedly disclosed to The Daily Beast that the U.S. drone program, which is currently dually run out of the CIA and Department of Defense (DOD), will soon shift such that it will be within the exclusive control of the DOD.

Daniel Klaidman, contributor for The Daily Beast, offers the following likely changes that will take place after the shift:

  • The criteria to issue a drone strike may become more stringent and will likely become more regulated as the program’s transparency and, therefore, accountability increases.
  • The command and control structure of UAV strikes will merge creating a more uniform set of standards to be applied.
  • The CIA may remain involved; however, the operational control of the program will reside with the military and be governed by chapter 10 of the United States Code rather than chapter 50. Chapter 10 governs military operations and chapter 50 governs intelligence and covert activities.

According to The Daily Beast, one senior official commented on the change as follows, “This is a big deal. [The shift] would be a pretty strong statement.”


You can read the full Daily Beast article here.

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