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National Security Investigations & Prosecutions, 2nd ed.

Apr 11th, 2013 investigations

Great news! David Kris and Douglas Wilson have updated National Security Investigations & Prosecutions for a second edition.  Thomson Reuters has it for sale at this link.  It shows a 2012 copyright, so maybe it has been out for a while and I missed it.  Hat tip to Lawfare Blog for reviewing it and brining it to my attention.  I used the 2007 1st Edition as the textbook for my course Prosecuting Terrorists in Article III Courts at the Syracuse University College of Law.  The book was most excellent and had no equal in the marketplace, but was quickly outdated by the 2008 amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  At the time, neither Kris not Wilson was available to update it, because of official duties in the Department of Justice.  So, I went back to using my own materials.  In fact, after nine iterations of the course, next year’s curriculum will not include the course (although Counterterrorism Law & National Security Law will continue, as well as many more offerings through the Institute for National Security & Counterterrorism).  Maybe I’ll get to teach from it again someday.  In any event, it is a wonderful resource for practitioners and policymakers, as well.

Lawfare › National Security Investigations & Prosecutions, 2nd ed. (Vols. 1 & 2)

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