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U.S. Army Spec. Millay Sentenced on Espionage Charges

The Washington Post reports U.S. Army policeman William Colton Millay was sentenced by a panel of 8 military officials on Tuesday to sixteen years in prison and dishonorable discharge for attempting to sell secrets to someone he believed was a Russian spy. Millay’s arrest came after he was caught trading an envelope of information for $3,000.00, although the person to whom he traded the information was not, in fact, a spy. Reportedly, Millay also said he would be willing to work for the Russian government if they “made it worth his while.” The Post article goes on to state:

Prosecutors said Millay was a white supremacist, sick and tired of the military and his country, and didn’t care that his sale of secrets would put his fellow soldiers in harm’s way, AP said. Defense lawyers countered that Millay was emotionally immature and that his attempt at espionage was aimed only at getting him some attention, AP reported.

You can read the full Post article here.

You can read the AP report here.


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