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USS Cole Conspiracy Trial at Gitmo Postponed Due to Apparent Security Breach

The Miami Herald reports that Gitmo chief judge Army Col. James L. Pohl ordered a two-month delay in pre-trial proceedings in the USS Cole conspiracy case “in the interest of justice” following reports that portions of the Pentagon computer system housing defense and prosecution court documents is not secure.

After certain defense documents disappeared from a “secure” hard drive at the Office of Military Commissions, chief defense counsel Air Force Col. Karen Mayberry ordered all war court defense attorneys to halt use of their computers and email accounts, according to the article. In light of the complications with the computer system, the attorney for alleged USS Cole bomber Abd al Rahim al Nashiri requested a delay early last week.

Col. Mayberry commented on the situation as follows:

I honestly don’t know how bad it is. All I know is that the information systems have been impacted, corrupted, lost.


You can read the full Miami Herald article here.

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