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New Academy for Leadership in International Affairs

Sep 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

Although there is no specific mention of cyber issues, I expect that the new Academy for Leadership in International Affairs founded by Chatham House would be open to a proposal concerning cyber security.  From the Chatham House website:

The Academy offers potential and established leaders from around the world the opportunity to spend up to twelve months as Academy Fellows at Chatham House. Fellows of the Academy will develop their thinking on the most pressing national and international challenges facing their countries and regions and work together to craft innovative responses.


Fellows are drawn from government and the broader policy community, the private sector and civil society. There are two tiers of Fellowship within the Academy – Fellows and Senior Fellows.

  • Academy Fellows

Academy Fellows are promising ‘next generation’ leaders in the early stages of their careers. Working alongside one of the institute’s research teams, Fellows spend up to one year at Chatham House in order to develop their thinking on the most pressing national and international challenges and opportunities facing their countries and regions.

  • Academy Senior Fellows

Academy Senior Fellows are at a more advanced stage in their career. Senior Fellowships provide established experts and practitioners with time to explore a topic of interest in depth and to take part in the Academy’s activities for up to six months, on the basis of a flexible structure.

The research teams clearly include cyber. 

International Security


New security challenges continue to grow in importance, especially in cyberspace, threats to global health and the ongoing dangers posed by drugs and organized crime. The International Security department brings together thinking in these areas with more traditional security concerns – whether in the areas of nuclear technology, ensuring reliable energy supplies or managing the Western troop draw-down in Afghanistan.

[Full disclosure: Your author is pleased to be a member of Chatham House.]

A brochure about the fellowships can be found here.

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