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Twitter replaces smuggled video as terrorists’ preferred way to communicate: McClatchy

On August 29th, 2012, Hannah Allam wrote for McClatchy Newspapers  on how jihadists are increasingly using Twitter as a media outreach tool.  Of course, jihadists have always used other media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and good ol’-fashioned audiotapes to spread their message.  However, Twitter is different because it “still offers a rare unfiltered space for […]

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Sep 9th, 2012 al-Qaida, Weblogs

Terrorism Bookshelf: Top 150 Books on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism | Perspectives on Terrorism

In May of 2012, the academic journal Perspectives on Terrorism released its list of "Top 150 Books on Terrorism and Counterterrorism".  Author Joshua Sinai states: “This listing of top 150 books is intended to provide an overview of many of the discipline’s pre-eminent books.”  The books are divided into 17 non-exclusive categories: (i) encyclopedias and […]

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May 18th, 2012 Books, Weblogs