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Attorney Challenges Military Commissions System

The Miami Herald recently reported that a Pentagon defense attorney, Navy Commander Walter Ruiz, invoked a civilian court decision in an effort to get the case against Mustafa al Hawsawi, for which the forum is the military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, dismissed. Al Hawsawi is accused of assisting in the 9/11 attacks, specifically, with making […]

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Khalid Sheik Mohammed, alleged 9/11 mastermind, to get new trial – Washington Post

On April 4, 2012 the Washington Post reported that the Department of Defense has authorized a new trial for Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four others.  Mohammed is accused of planning the September 11, 2001 attacks. According to the article, while the five suspects were originally charged in a military commission in 2008, the Obama Administration […]

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