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Balancing Civil Liberties and Warfare

An article published yesterday (10/21/10) in The New York Times entitled "Balancing Civil Liberties and Warfare," discusses Andrew McCarthy, who has "emerged as perhaps the most visible legal expert," and his argument against using regular civilian courts to try foreign terrorism suspects.  The article notes that McCarthy has been "an important conservative voice in a […]

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Embassy-Bombing Trial in Jeopardy

Andrew McCarthy writes in National Review in an article entitled "Embassy-Bombing Trial in Jeopardy," that due process standards are crippling successful prosecutions and that "once again, politics has trumped national security and common sense."  As evidence that Ghailani's prosecution has gone from a virtual "slam dunk" to a "horse race," McCarthy notes that even though […]

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Oct 13th, 2010 AIII Courts, Ghailani