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DOD to Gain Exclusive Control of U.S. Drone Program

Senior U.S. government officials reportedly disclosed to The Daily Beast that the U.S. drone program, which is currently dually run out of the CIA and Department of Defense (DOD), will soon shift such that it will be within the exclusive control of the DOD. Daniel Klaidman, contributor for The Daily Beast, offers the following likely […]

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Apr 12th, 2013 Current Affairs

High Court Refuses to Hear Drone Case

Noor Khan, a Pakistani man whose father was killed in a drone strike, is attempting to force the UK Government to disclose whether it is providing intelligence to the United States for the purpose of aiding in drone strikes, according to the BBC. However, the High Court refused to hear Khan’s claims, stating that the […]

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Obama Proposes Sale of Spy Drones to South Korea

Reuters reports that Obama has formally proposed the sale of four spy drones to Seoul in a claimed attempt to allow South Korea to defend itself from the North. The move, according to Reuters, has been met with considerable controversy, however. The Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency reports that the drones to be sold are […]

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Nicholas Rostow, Laurie Blank and Others Discuss National Security at ABA Conference

I recently attended the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security 22nd Annual Review of the Field of National Security Law in Washington, D.C. While there were many interesting panels, I want to highlight those from the second day of the conference, specifically, “National Security Law and International Law,” and “The Law […]

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Iran Fires on Unarmed U.S. Predator Drone

CNN reports that two Iranian fighter jets fired on an unarmed US Air Force Predator drone while it was over the Persian Gulf in the airspace east of Kuwait last week. The drone, according to CNN, was engaged in routine maritime surveillance and in international airspace at the time the Iranian jets fired, and it […]

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DHS Sued for Information Regarding Drone Use

Press TV reports that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an American Internet privacy advocacy group, has filed suit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to gain access to information about the use of predator drones. According to Press TV, EFF Staff Attorney Jennifer Lynch stated: Drones are a powerful surveillance tool that […]

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Nov 7th, 2012 targetted killing

Imran Khan Allegedly Detained After Criticizing U.S. Drone Practices

CNN reports that Imran Khan, a Pakistani politician and known critic of U.S. drone practices, alleges he was detained and questioned by U.S. authorities while at a Canadian airport this past Saturday. This comes just weeks after BBC reported that Khan was leading protests against drone strikes in Pakistan.   You can read the full […]

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Nov 1st, 2012 targetted killing

UN to Investigate Targeted Killings

The New York Times reported that the United Nations is organizing a unit to investigate drone strikes initiated by the United States as well as targeted killings carried out by other nations. Specifically, the article states that the unit will explore civilian casualties caused by the strikes and “seek explanations” from the countries responsible. You […]

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Protests Against U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan Pause for the Night

BBC News reported that earlier this week protests led by Imran Khan against U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan were placed on hold overnight. As the article states, Khan, a former cricket star, argues that UAV attacks are responsible for the deaths of large numbers of civilians and that the strikes garner support for militant groups. […]

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Drone Downed in Israeli Airspace

USA Today reported that, on Saturday, a drone crossed into Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea, marking the first time a hostile aircraft entered the airspace in six years. According to USA Today, Israeli fighter jets shot down the drone over the southern desert. The article states: Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich said Israeli ground systems […]

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Oct 8th, 2012 targetted killing

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