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A decade on, terrorism tribunals are bogged down – Reuters

A November 13, 2011 featured on explored a series of obstacles that have stalled the prosecution of suspected terrorists in military tribunals. According to the article, the tribunals were initially created by former U.S. President George W. Bush on November 13, 2001 and "were set up to try non-U.S. citizens on terrorism charges outside […]

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Wittes’s Analysis on McCain and McKeon Legislation

Last week, Senator McCain introduced this bill on detention procedures. According to Benjamin Wittes on Lawfare Blog, McCain's bill is basically  a "Senate version of the bill that House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon introduced the previous day." Wittes covered the provisions of that bill here, and compares the McCain legislation in a post here.   To sum up the majority […]

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NPR on “Guantanamo North”

NPR has recently a very interesting two-part series on what NPR reporters Carrie Johnson and Margot William refer to as  “Guantanamo North”–”two secretive units for convicted terrorists and other inmates who get 24-hour surveillance, right here in the U.S.” Benjamin Wittes on Lawfare blog writes here, "It's a remarkable report on an underreported aspect of the terrorist […]

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A legacy Obama should avoid: Allowing detentions without trials

In a Washington Post article published January 7, 2011 entitled, "A Legacy Obama Should Avoid: Allowing Detentions without Trials," Tom Malinowski writes on the topic of the proposed executive order addressing annual reconsideration of GTMO detention decisions.  Malinowski writes that there may be interest in using such an order not only to enhance the existing annual […]

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Al Alwi Argument Preview

Larkin Reynolds reports  on Lawfare blog today, November 2, 2010, in a post entitled "Al Alwi Argument Preview," that this Thursday, November 4, D.C. Circuit Judges will hear oral arguments in Al Alwi v. Obama.  The case is an appeal from a decision by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon denying Moath Hamza Al Alwi’s habeas corpus petition. Al […]

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