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House passes $662 billion defense bill after White House drops veto threat – Washington Post

On December 14, 2011, the Washington Post reported that the U.S. House of Representatives passed a highly contested defense appropriations bill after the Obama Administration dropped its threat to veto the bill.  According to the article, the White House dropped its veto threat after members of the Administration were successful in obtaining key revisions to […]

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Obama rips budget bill’s Guantánamo restrictions

McClatchey reports that on Friday, President Barack Obama signed into law a sweeping defense bill that specifically thwarts his goal of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, then issued a "signing statement" against it. It's the second time the president has enacted into law Congress' ban on civilian trials for any of the last 172 […]

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Defense Lawyers at Guantanamo Protest New Procedures

The Miami Herald reports that military defense lawyers are protesting a recently issued order that they sign off on new ground rules on what they can and can’t say to their detainee clients and to the public. The new rules mandate that “a lawyer needs the CIA’s blessing simply to ask a captive about a […]

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Gabor Rona on Article 75 and Additional Protocols I and II

Robert Chesney covers on Lawfare Blog, in a post available here, Gabor Rona's remarks related to the Administration’s announcement relating to Additional Protocol II and Article 75 and Additional Protocol I. Rona's comments appear in full below, along with a brief response from Chesney as to one of his arguments: A) Three points on AP I, […]

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White House Says Tribunals Can Resume at Guantánamo

The New York Times reports on Monday, March 7, in an article entitled "White House Says Tribunals Can Resume at Guantanamo," that President Barack Obama has lifted a two-year freeze on new military trials at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and suggested on Monday Congress was hurting national security by blocking his attempts to move some trials […]

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“Lawfare,” Common Article 3, and Military Commissions in Rumsfeld’s “Known and Unknown”

Jack Goldsmith writes the following on Lawfare Blog about Donald Rumsfeld's new book "Known and Unknown." Specifically, he references Chapter 40, entitled "Law in a Time of War."  In this chapter, Goldsmith writes that Rumsfeld discusses his views on “lawfare,” the origins and travails of military commissions, and the Supreme Court detention and habeas cases. […]

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Are Terrorists Criminals Or Enemy Combatants? – NPR hosts debate

On September 14, 2010, NPR hosted an Oxford-style debate.  The motion was: "Treat Terrorists Like Enemy Combatants, Not Criminals."  Michael Hayden and Marc Thiessen argued for the motion. David Frakt and Stephen Jones argued against.  The complete transcript of the debate is here.  An article about it is here. Here is the 50-minute broadcast version […]

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