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Newburgh Four Reassert Entrapment Defense in Appeal

Lawyers for four men convicted in October of plotting to bomb a synagogue and Jewish community center in the Bronx were back in court Thursday, arguing that their clients’ convictions should be thrown out because the government’s informant entrapped the men. According to Reuters, the defense argument suggested that the defendants were “enticed by extravagant […]

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Mar 26th, 2011 defenses

Ghailani’s Lawyers Detail Terror Defense Strategy

The New York Times reports on January 17, 2011 in an article entitled "Ghailani's Lawyers Detail Terror Defense Strategy," that for the defense lawyers, the issue of what their client knew was pivotal, as they had been arguing that Mr. Ghailani — the first former Guantánamo detainee tried in a civilian court — was duped into […]

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Jan 18th, 2011 Ghailani

Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque

The Washington Post reports on Sunday, December 5, 2010 in an article entitled "Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque," that FBI agency officials, in the spotlight after the Bureau's recent use of informants to prevent another terrorist strike, have said that they are careful not to violate civil liberties and do […]

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Dec 5th, 2010 defenses

Always tweaking its script, FBI sting nets another

An article published by The Washington Post entitled, "Always Tweaking its Script, FBI Sting Nets Another," reports that the FBI has gathered yet another terrorism suspect in the person of Mohamed Mohamud.  The Post reports that while the government has a track record that has made undercover stings one of the government's go-to strategies in terrorism […]

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Nov 30th, 2010 defenses

In U.S. Sting Operations, Questions of Entrapment

The New York Times reports yesterday, November 29, 2010, in an article entitled "In U.S. Sting Operations, Questions of Entrapment," that the arrest last Friday of a Somali-born teenager who is accused of trying to detonate a car bomb at a crowded Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore., has once again "thrown a spotlight on […]

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Nov 30th, 2010 defenses

4 men are convicted in NY synagogue-bombing plot

AP reports in an article entitled "4 men are convicted in NY synagoge-bombing plot," that four men arrested in the summer 2009 in an FBI sting were convicted today, Monday October 19, 2010, of plotting to blow up New York City synagogues and shoot down military planes through the aid of a paid informant who […]

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Oct 19th, 2010 AIII Courts, defenses

FBI informant grilled at NY temple bomb plot trial

The Associated Press reports today, September 21, 2010, in an article entitled "FBI Informant grilled at NY temple bomb plot trial," that an FBI informant, Shahed Hussain, testified on cross in federal court in Manhattan last Tuesday that he prodded a potential bomber to move forward with his 2009 plot to attack synagogues and shoot military planes […]

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The FBI: Foiling its own plots since 2001

One common defense in counterterrorism cases is entrapment.  One scenario is when law enforcement obtains information from intelligence sources that a person in the U.S. is tied to terrorism.  For example, a person's telephone number might be found in an address book in Afghanistan.  How to tell if the person really is involved in terrorism?  […]

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