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Judge Says Key Figure in Embassies Bombing Case Isn’t Credible

A New York Times article entitled "Judge Says Key Figure in Embassies Bombing Case Isn't Credible," published yesterday, October 14, 2010, reports that a key witness who was to testify in Ghailani's trye was accused by Judge Lewis Kaplan of making false statements about why he decided to cooperate with authorities.  The witness, Hussein Abebe, […]

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Oct 15th, 2010 AIII Courts, Ghailani

Embassy-Bombing Trial in Jeopardy

Andrew McCarthy writes in National Review in an article entitled "Embassy-Bombing Trial in Jeopardy," that due process standards are crippling successful prosecutions and that "once again, politics has trumped national security and common sense."  As evidence that Ghailani's prosecution has gone from a virtual "slam dunk" to a "horse race," McCarthy notes that even though […]

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Oct 13th, 2010 AIII Courts, Ghailani

Judge Bars Major Witness From Civilian Terrorism Trial

In an article published this morning, October 6, 2010, entitled "Judge Bars Major Witness From Civilian Terrorism Trial," The New York Times reports that federal Judge Lewis Kaplan has barred prosecutors from using a key witness, Hussein Abebe, whose identity was elicited during a secret overseas jail operated by the CIA.  The ruling represents a major […]

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Witness in 1998 Bombings Is Identified at a Hearing

This NY Times article published 9/19/10 demonstrates one of the costs of trying terrorists. “For years, the Tanzanian man had been a mystery, his identity undisclosed. And when he finally testified last week in a heavily guarded courtroom in Manhattan, security was so tight that prosecutors asked the judge to instruct sketch artists to obscure his face in their drawings.” Now the world knows him as Hussein Abebe, age 46.

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Judge weighs government terror case witness testimony

The New York Times reports today, in an article entitled "Judge weighs government terror case witness testimony," that federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan in New York will determine whether a government witness may testify against Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani.  Ghailani is charged with the 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa. According to the witness, Hussein Abebe, […]

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Sep 14th, 2010 AIII Courts