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Kiriakou Headed to Prison

The New York Times reports that ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou will be sentenced to thirty months in prison pursuant to a plea agreement. Kiriakou admitted to leaking the name of a covert officer to a freelance news reporter in violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, which protects undercover agents specifically. Kiriakou is the first […]

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Jan 17th, 2013 AIII Courts, Current Affairs

Video of Panel on Intelligence Law Developments

During the American Bar Association’s 22nd Annual Review of the Field of National Security Law on November 29-30, 2012, the second panel discussion was entitled “Intelligence Law Developments.”  The panel was moderated by George Jameson, who served over 30 years in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Panelists who appear in the following video excerpt are, in order […]

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Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act Exempts Intelligence Officials

On Monday, The Hill reported that the House of Representatives unanimously passed an Act aimed at heightening protections for federal whistleblowers. The Hill explains that the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act protects federal government employees who report agency misconduct from retaliatory personnel action. The Hill goes on to state that intelligence officials are exempted from these […]

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Shadow Wars – By Rosa Brooks | Foreign Policy

“Particularly since 9/11, the lines between the military and the intelligence community have gotten fuzzy,” observes Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown University Law Professor, on September 20, 2012 in an article entitled, “Shadow Wars: What’s the difference between a spook and a special operator?” in Foreign Policy Magazine. In our Prosecuting Terrorists course, we talk a […]

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CRS Report: Government Challenges Standing in FISA Suit

A CRS Report released Wednesday stated that the constitutionality of Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is being challenged. FISA provides procedural guidance for physical and electronic surveillance and collection of foreign intelligence information. As discussed in the CRS Report, in 2008 Congress added Title VII to the Act, creating new and […]

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Sep 14th, 2012 Current Affairs, Inteligence

NYT: FBI Data Show Thousands Are Assessed for Terror Links Under Relaxed Rules

The New York Times reports  that FBI data indicates that thousands of people have been assessed for criminal or terror links under relaxed FBI rules for domestic intelligence gathering. The report reveals that between December 2008 and March 2009, the FBI began 11,667 ‘assessments’ of people and groups, completing 8,605 of them and launching more […]

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Candid Talks by Detainee Were Caught on U.S. Tapes

The New York Times reports in an article entitled "Candid Talks by Detainee Were Caught on U.S. Tapes," that the Government has been listening to him not only during interrogations conducted by the CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Defense, but also during his time engaged in candid conversation in military prison at Guantanamo […]

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