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Intervening in Libya – Domestic Law Authority

Jack Goldsmith posted the following blog post on Lawfare blog this morning, Monday March 7, 2011. His post, entitled "Intervening in Libya – Domestic Law Authority," considers the domestic legal authority of the President should he decide to intervene in Libya. Goldsmith asks, "(1) Will he seek formal congressional authorization?, and (2) if not, does he […]

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Jack Goldsmith on Detention Policy

Jack Goldsmith will speak at American University College of Law today on the question, “The Guantanamo Detainees, What Next?”  In a Lawfare blog post, he writes, "In that speech I will try, among other things, to assess the significance of these five statements from senior Obama administration officials in the last two days:" CIA Director […]

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Why the U.S. Government Shouldn’t Prosecute Julian Assange

Published first in the Washington Post on February 11, available in this op-ed, and later re-posted on Lawfare blog here, Jack Goldsmith summarizes the essence of why the United States should not prosecute Wikileaks author Julian Assange: "The first problem with going after Assange is that the effort is likely to fail. Extraditing Assange from England (where […]

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Wrong, Wrong and Right on Federal Courts for Terrorism Cases

Gabor Rona, International Legal Director of Human Rights First writes on Huffington Post entitled "Wrong, Wrong and Right on Federal Courts for Terrorism Cases," that "There are two distinct camps criticizing the use of federal courts to try terrorism suspects after last week's federal court conviction of former Guantanamo detainee Ahmed Ghailani. Both are wrong."  […]

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Goldsmith & Wittes renew call for no trials

Following the Ghailani verdict, Professor Jack Goldsmith and Benjamin Wittes renew their call for military detention without trial in a November 19, 2010, column in the Washington Post entitled "Ghailani verdict makes stronger case for military detentions."  Goldsmith previously presented this argument in the New York Times on October 8, 2010 in a column entitled […]

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Our nation’s secrets, stuck in a broken system

Jack Goldsmith's article published today in The Washington Post entitled "Our nation's secrets, stuck in a broken system," discusses Bob Woodward's new book, Obama Wars, and the revealing information it contains regarding the inner workings of the administration's national security team and the development of its policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Woodward's book and Goldsmith's […]

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Oct 22nd, 2010 Inteligence

Jack Goldsmith: Responding to Problems with Military Detention

On his Lawfare Blog, Jack Goldsmith addressed yesterday (10/14/2010), in a post entitled "Problems with Military Detention, that despite his advocacy, military detention may give rise to two problems: The first is that the relevant war might end.  This is hard to imagine right now with al Qaeda, but less hard to imagine with the […]

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Don’t Try Terrorists, Lock Them Up

An opinion piece published in The New York Times on October 8, 2010 entitled "Don't Try Terrorists, Lock them Up," highlights Jack Goldsmith's beliefs that "Mr. Ghailani and his fellow detainees at Guantanamo Bay are a different matter," in that prosecution in either criminal court or a military tribunal is the wrong approach.  Goldsmith is […]

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U.S. Debates Response to Targeted Killing Lawsuit

In a New York Times article entitled "U.S. Debates Response to Targeted Killing Lawsuit," published September 15, 2010, the Obama administration is revealed to be divided in its efforts to block a lawsuit over government efforts to kill an American citizen accused of ties to al Qaeda.  The suit, filed in August, seeks an injunction […]

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Detention, the AUMF, and the Bush Administration — Correcting the Record

In a piece published by the blog Lawfare entitled "Detention, the AUMF, and the Bush Administration," Jack Goldsmith argues that the Obama Administration and the Bush Administration may be more similar than they are different in their legal rationale for detention. Goldsmith outlines three things that the Obama administration has done to separate its legal […]

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