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Judge Considers U.S. Constitution’s Application at Guantanamo

A recent Reuters article calls into question the authority of the U.S. Constitution as applied to matters at Guantanamo Bay, noting that the forum was chosen as a military prison primarily because it would put detainees outside the reach of U.S. law. The article further reminds readers of the 2008 Supreme Court decision (Boumediene v. […]

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Oct 23rd, 2012 Military tribunals

Prosecutors Seek Protective Order to Prevent Release of Classified Information During Trial of Sept. 11 Prisoners at Gitmo

The Associate Press reports that Judge James Pohl is looking at the breadth of security rules for the war crimes tribunal while presiding over the pretrial hearing for five Guantanamo prisoners charged with terrorism and murder in connection with the 9/11 attacks. According to the report, the prosecutors in this case have asked for a […]

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Oct 15th, 2012 Military tribunals

The 9/11 trial: Justice delayed | The Economist

Of course, a very great deal has been reported about the May 5, 2012 arraignment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-defendants on charges brought before a military commission.  We expect to look at this situation in detail during the fall 2012 term of Prosecuting Terrorists at Syracuse University College of Law.  For now, I […]

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Political Response to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial

Multiple outlets have discussed the political response and ramifications to Holder's decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed by military tribunal. The PBS NewsHour has video of Holder taking reporters’ questions at the news conference, Monday April 4. The AP reports that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg praised the venue decision, calling it “more appropriate” […]

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Reaction to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial

Multiple editorials published since Holder's announcement to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed by military tribunal have sharply criticized the decision, the Times arguing that it is “a victory for Congressional pandering and an embarrassment for the Obama administration.” A Washington Post editorial calls the decision “the correct call,” arguing that Guantanamo restrictions put in place by Congress […]

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In Reversal, 9/11 Plotter to Be Tried by Military Panel

The New York Times reports this afternoon, Monday April 4, 2011, that the Obama administration, ending a year of indecision with a major reversal, will prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed before a military commission and not a civilian court, as it had once planned. The Times reports that Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. is "set to announce on […]

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KSM’s Murder Confession Corroborated

For years I have been playing in my classes the audio recording of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession during his Combatant Status Review Tribunal hearing at GITMO.  Often, discussion followed about whether the extensive confession is credible.  Today, CNN reports that one portion of it — in which he claims to have personally cut off Daniel […]

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Jan 20th, 2011 KSM

House blocks US trial of Guantanamo detainees

The Associated Press reports on December 9, in an article entitled "House blocks US trial of Guantanamo detainees," that House Democrats have approved legislation preventing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other detainees at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay from being transferred to the U.S. for trials in criminal courts. The Guantanamo ban was included in a […]

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The Associated Press: Graham doubts civilian trials for 9/11 suspects

The Associated Press is reporting on 11/28/10: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he believes he has the votes in the Senate to block alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from a civilian court. via Reportedly, the senator did say that the civilian courts would be right for some terrorism cases, which is consistent […]

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Reaction to Ghailani Verdict

The verdict handed down yesterday, November 17, 2010, in the trial of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani drew a surprised reaction from many observers.  Lawfare blog reports that Matthew Miller, director of public affairs for the Department of Justice, said in a statement that “[w]e respect the jury’s verdict and are pleased that Ahmed Ghailani now faces […]

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