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Graphic on radical website warns al-Qaida will return to New York – MSNBC

On April 3, 2012, msnbc reported that the NYPD and FBI are investigating a radical overseas website that posted a picture with the caption "Al Qaeda Coming Soon Again in New York."  According to the NYPD, the website has hosted al-Qaida material in the past and is considered a "Category 1 website, meaning it is […]

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Iran has conducted surveillance in NYC – AP

According to a March 21, 2012 article by the Associated Press, a senior New York Police Department official announced that "Authorities have interviewed at least 13 people since 2005 with ties to Iran's government who were seen taking pictures of New York City landmarks." The announcement comes in the wake of recent discussions of a […]

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Mar 28th, 2012 investigations

Consequences for security as NYPD-FBI rift widens – AP

A March 21, 2012 article by the Associated Press examines post 9/11 relations between the FBI and the NYPD.  The article highlights a "dysfunctional partnership" between the two entities surrounding counter-terrorism efforts. Describing this relationship, the Associated Press notes "As the NYPD has transformed itself into one of the nation's most aggressive intelligence agencies and […]

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Mar 22nd, 2012 Inteligence

The ‘lone wolf’ — the unknowable face of terror – CNN

On February 18, 2012, CNN reported on the increasing threat that "lone wolf" terrorist pose on U.S. national security.  According to the article, "In the past two and a half years, 11 of the 17 Islamist terrorist plots on U.S. soil involved individuals with no ties to terrorist organizations or other co-conspirators."  In assessing this […]

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The Iranian Threat to New York City – WSJ

In a February 14, 2012 editorial in the Wall Street Journal, Mitchell Silber, Director of Intelligence for the New York City Police Department, stated that "New York City could be targeted by Iran or Hezbollah." In his piece, Silber quotes Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who recently stated that Iranian officials "are now more […]

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Feb 17th, 2012 investigations

Delay before NYC bomb plot case goes to grand jury is agreed upon – Washington Post

According to a December 4, 2011 article in the Washington Post, both prosecutors and defense attorneys in the Jose Pimentel case have greed to delay a grand jury hearing. Jose Pimentel, the Dominican-born "al-Qaida sympathizer" was arrested under New York state terrorism laws for planning to blow up parts of New York City. According to […]

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New York Police and the FBI Feud Over a Terrorist Case – WSJ

On November 26, 2011, the Wall Street Journal featured an opinion piece by Judith Miller of the Manhattan Institute.  In the article, Ms. Miller outlines her investigative findings regarding the on-going state prosecution of suspected terrorist, Jose Pimentel, also known as Muhamad Yusuf.  The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has charged Pimentel with "building pipe bombs […]

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Questions linger over why a veteran CIA operative is detailed to NYPD’s intelligence division – AP

On October 17, 2011, the Washington Post featured an Associated Press article examining a CIA operative's relationship with the New York Police Department. The agent arrived in July of this year to work with NYPD's intelligence division as a Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence. Since the 9/11 attacks, the CIA and NYPD […]

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