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Khadr’s Lawyers Challenge Pentagon Witness in Plea for Clemency

In October of 2010, Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to five war crimes at a military commission in Guantanamo and received an eight-year sentence. Now, defense lawyers for Khadr are challenging the qualifications of a key Pentagon witness and seeking to have Khadr’s sentence cut in half to four years. According to a letter sent to the […]

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Inside the Cellblock Where War Criminals Stay at Guantanamo Bay

In an article published in the Miami Herald entitled, Inside the Cellblock Where War Criminals Stay at Guantanamo Bay, Carol Rosenberg goes inside Camp 5 at Guantanamo where four convicted war criminals — Ali Hamza al Bahlul, Ibrahim al Qosi, Omar Khadr, and Noor Uthman Mohammed — are being held. According to the report, “Each man spends […]

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Guantanamo military procedures at a standstill

In an article entitled "Guantanamo military procedures at a standstill," published November 3, 2010, the Los Angeles Times reports that the military trials of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay appear to be winding down.  The LA Times reports, "[o]f nearly 800 terrorism suspects brought to this remote U.S. base in southern Cuba over nearly nine years, […]

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Khadr Commission Docs

Lawfare blog reports, in a post entitled "Khadr Commission Docs," on November 1, 2010, that The Miami Herald has posted several relevant documents from the proceedings of Omar Khadr’s military commission.  Available from Khadr's military commission is the plea bargain and a pair of diplomatic notes that were exchanged between the United States and Canada and which outline understandings between the […]

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Soldier’s widow testifies in Omar Khadr hearing

The Miami Herald reports on Friday, October 29, 2010, in an article entitled "Soldier's widow testifies in Omar Khadr hearing," that a soldier's widow testified for the first time in Canadian teen terrorist Omar Khadr's military trial, telling him he will "forever be a murderer." Tabitha Speer shook her head as Khadr, the former child […]

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Canadian at Gitmo Faces Trial or Possible Plea

The New York Times reports, in an article entitled "Canadian at Gitmo Pleads Guilty to All Charges," that Omar Khadr, a Canadian accused of killing an American soldier as a teenage al-Qaeda militant, pleaded guilty Monday as part of a deal that avoids a war crimes trial for someone labeled a "child soldier" by his […]

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Lawyers discuss Khadr plea to avert Guantánamo ‘child-soldier’ trial

An article published today, October 15, 2010, in the Miami Herald entitled "Lawyers discuss Khadr plea to avert Guantanamo "child-soldier" trial," reports that a military judge Thursday postponed the Guanatanamo war crimes trial of Omar Khadr, a Canadian captured in Afghanistan at age 15, in order to buy Khadr's defense lawyers time to negotiate a […]

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Example Set by First Military Tribunal Case Has U.S. Wary

In a New York Times article dated yesterday (8/27/2010), entitled "Example Set by First Military Tribunal Case Has U.S. Wary," multiple Administration officials express their alarm at the first case to go to trial under the revamped rules for military commissions. The case involves the prosecution of a former child soldier whom an American investigator […]

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NY Times Editorial Calls Khadr roceedings “Tainted Justice”

A New York Times editorial published May 23, 2010 argues that the prosecution of Omar Khadr pursuant to the Military Commissions Act of 2009 is "Tainted Justice." You can read the complete editorial here.  

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